Website Updated

I finally updated the website to the latest Joomla version! Woohoo! There has been some downtime while I got things ready and not everything is done yet so please bear with me. I have made some major changes because some extensions weren't fully ready for the new Joomla yet. I have programmed some new extensions to take some of their places which I will release when they are ready and I made new extensions just because I can and because I think you will like them.

I have several new Joomla extensions coming which I think people will like very much. But for now the downloads section doesn't have much in it and I must apologize for that. Sorry! That will change very shortly as I release new extensions and templates for Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 1.8 when it arrives. I will make a blog post with some more info in it later on so bookmark this site and check back if you like. Some extensions include a new free Joomla template which I will eventually also release a Pro version for with some extra features. There is a content ads plugin which supports Google AdSense as well as other ads you might want to put in there. Also I have a drop down login box, a new downloads extension, and more. All for Joomla 1.7+.

If you notice any problems or have any questions or comments please use the contact link on the menu at the top to reach me.

Have a wonderful time!