Professional Web Development has been offering Joomla! templates and other extensions for Joomla! CMS for many years and will continue to do so for many more.

This site offers professional quality templates and extensions for an optional fee.

Professional Quality

The Joomla extensions for download at this site are taken very seriously. If you find any bugs or have any requests for new features you can report it and it will be taken care of. In most cases any bugs found will be fixed and an update will be released immediately. This results in a high quality product that can be used by anyone, including professional website designers and developers on a clients site.

Open Source

All software available here is Open Source code. This means you can edit and customize the code to your hearts content and make adjustments and improvements as you see fit.


Joomla! is a freely available Open Source Content Management System (CMS) released under the General Public License (GPL).

It is possible to extend Joomla! and add new features and functionality to it (extensions) as well as to change it’s overall look by changing the Joomla! template.

For more info check out the Joomla! website:


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